About Us

Condor Performance
 is a handpicked team of international Sports Psychologists who provide 1-on-1 Sports Psychology Services and Mental Toughness Training throughout the English-speaking world.

Although most of our clients are sporting athletes and coaches our skills can be applied in order to help almost anyone perform better.

We use Skype and FaceTime for most consultations which not only allows us to keep our prices down (no travel!) but also means we can have sessions at much more meaningful times – such as before / after training or moments before a crucial competition.


Sport Psychologists & Sport Psychology:

To learn more about sport psychologists (the profession) as well as sport psychology (the subject) then read below as both are still hugely misunderstood.

  • A qualified sport psychologist / performance psychologist can work with anyone wanting to improve their performance. Many of the mental skills we use to help our athletes work just as well for performing artists, dancers, musicians and even those whose performance is their work.
  • A qualified sport psychologist / performance psychologist can help with welfare issues (also known as mental health) but our main focus is always the mental aspects of the performance itself (such as handling emotions, pre competition preparation, decision making, motivation, confidence, nerves, concentration, performing under pressure, team cohesion to name the most common).
  • A qualified sport psychologist / performance psychologist can deliver mental skills sessions in a much wider range of ways than a physical or technical coach due to the fact that we don’t need to see our clients in order to help them improve their minds – such as via Skype, FaceTimeGoogle Hangouts or even the phone.
  • Sport psychology / performance psychology is one of the most misunderstood areas within both sport and psychology. We’re more like coaches than regular psychologists. Most people have no idea what we do and are very surprised when they actually invest some time to find out.
  • Sports psychology / performance psychology ideally wants to be part of your everyday training so that you work on your mental toughness without really knowing it. For this reason at Condor Performance we provide services to coaches as well as athletes / performers.