AustraliaOur preferred method of receiving payment for new or existing Monthly Clients is via PayPal direct debit, whereby PayPal will automatically charge your account / credit card the selected amount each month.

If you’d prefer to settle your account via a one-off credit card payment or bank transfer please click here instead and ignore the below.

NOTE: This direct debit can be cancelled at any time and mainly exists to reduce any housekeeping required from your end in the event you’d like to work with us for more than just one month.

Paying with PayPal is easy as long as you either already have a PayPal account (and know the login and password) or have a credit card that is not currently linked with an existing PayPal account. The below will not work if you have already linked your credit card to an account but don’t know the login details.

To activate / reactivate your Metuf™ Monthly Option using PayPal please select the name of your chosen level from the drop down menu, answer the 2 questions, click on ‘Pay Now’ and then follow the prompts.

Name of Your New Monthly Option
Which of our psychologists will you be working with?
And what’s the client’s name?
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